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We are dynamic Volunteer Handler/Dog teams who have undergone extensive training and certifications to work closely with therapists, clinicians, counselors, law enforcement agencies and caregivers in order to enhance the mental and physical well being of the community through goal oriented therapy sessions.


We work in conjunction with the local Veterans Services to create dog led activities that achieve numerous goals in bettering the quality of life of the veterans who have served us and their families


Our children have many different opportunities to incorporate the animal human bond, through educational or active participation.  We assist educators & counselors as they guide the emotional as well as environmental stability for learning.


Adapting the therapy goal outcomes to include many fun and meaningful activities that result in not only physical and mental health improvements, but done with the loving compassion of a dog.


Treatment plans that include dog activities achieve multiple goals in one modality allowing the person to accomplish physical healing alongside a joyful interaction.


Animal Assisted Therapy sessions

Volunteer Dog/Handler teams

Working alongside professionals

Animal-assisted therapy is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals, such as dogs into the treatment plan.


The client, therapist, and animal work together in therapeutic activities that are outlined in a treatment plan - Goal Directives, with clear goals for change, measurable objectives, and the expectation of identifiable progress toward the treatment goals. The therapy can take many forms, based on the patient, the animal's skill sets, and the goals for treatment.


Our Animal Assisted Therapy involves regular sessions with exemplary trained animals and their handlers.  The aim is  to help people cope with both physical and mental health disorders.  Therapists, Counselors, Doctors or mental health specialists may recommend and administer Animal Assisted Therapy for various conditions, with different goals in mind for each person.  We provide the right animal for the right goals and settings in which the animal will work.


Animal Assisted Therapy is used to enhance and complement the benefits of traditional therapy modalities.  Animal Assisted Therapy often serves in conjunction with traditional work done by a licensed psychotherapist, social worker, or other mental health care provider.  However when used by the professional with a volunteer Animal Handler team there are limitless possibilities in the choices of animal based on their different capabilities, where one dog only provides a certain set of abilities that may not work for each individual client/patient.


What the Benefits are

Animal Assisted therapy is centered on the animal human bond.  Animals can provide a sense of calm, comfort, or safety and divert attention away from a stressful situation or painful rehabilitation and toward one that provides enjoyment. Animals can help combat loneliness and boost social support through interactions with the animal and its unconditional love. Animals can lead people to get more physical activity than they would otherwise required to further progress.

Advocates of Animal Assisted Therapy say that developing a bond with an animal can help people in many ways including:

-developing a better sense of self-worth

-Instilling trust

-stabilize emotions

-improve communication


-improve socialization skills 

-decreased physical limitations


How we can work with you

Therapists, Counselors, Clinicians and First Responders reach out to Prescribed Pets AAT, to provide individuals or groups with our trained therapy animals and their handlers.  We work together to match the client with the dog "therapist" with the appropriate skills to accomplish the targeted goals laid out ahead of time by the therapist, counselor, etc. and the journey to recovery begins as the magic happens. 

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